SaluS: Goddess of safety , welfare and prosperity


Must be within top 50 on SLS rich list or annual subscription of 50 SLS to gain access to SaluS services

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis and charting to help predict direction, trading signals, momentum, and support & resistance and give members an edge in today's Crypto markets.

Traders Advantage

Members will gain Real time access to trades from select expert SLS traders via view only exchange APIs.

Trading tools

Access to custom trading, monitoring and alerting tools that will provide beginner and advanced members additional information and edge on their short and long term trades.

ISO Analysis and News

Expert reviews and ratings of various ICO and crypto related projects. Help members make better decisions before making risky investments.

Private Discussion Group

Chat with others traders crypto traders, sharing ideas and concepts. Channels for announcements, charting, price bots and alerts.


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About SaluS

SaluS concept was born from the necessity to consolidate my efforts of helping others within crypto community by creating tools, services and Information hubs to give Salus members an edge when making trading or investment decisions. SaluS was launched on January 6, 2016 as an experimental utility Coin that would grant community members access to Salus products and services. Main goal and objective for Salus project is to give it's members that extra edge when it comes to trading crypto currencies and tokens. By providing set of tools, expert fundamental and technical analysis, we hope our members will be able to cut through the hype and fud in when it comes to trading space and make better investment decisions. Some of the SLS collected from the products and services will be used for continuity of SaluS project, Improving and expanding products and services. Unused SLS will be held in a cold storage until there is a use for it.

Note: SLS project does NOT provide returns, dividends, rewards, or any form of profit sharing and makes no promise of increase in value by any means of market measure.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns in regards to Salus products and services.